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"My mission is to converse with visionaries and luminaries, dedicated to the truth that will help enlighten all of us,  so we can be our true authentic selves as infinite beings of light living in the matrix.

The time has come to take back our power." - Kelli Rivers


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Recommended Products - Sammie approved 




To combat the harmful effects of these modern day EMF's, I have partnered with OmniQard  to bring this technology to the market in order to specifically reduce the negative effects of so-called EMF emitters by helping to structure the water within the body.

Scientifically Verified to​

  • Reduce the symptoms of stress

  • Increase energy

  • Improve sleep

  • Decrease pain

EMPowerplus Lightning



36 nutrients transformed by our proprietary direct-to-cell (DTC) technology to a convenient powder poured directly in the mouth for sublingual absorption, bypassing the gut.


Our formulation is backed by some impressive science and more than 20 years of personal stories of improved health and well-being.* Try it and just feel better!

EMPowerplus Hydro Sticks



Enjoy our proprietary EMPowerplus LightningTM formula in a light, refreshing raspberry-flavored drink.


The most important nutritional supplement in the world, as evidenced by over 35 medical journal publications and thousands of lives improved for more than 20 years, is a healthful alternative to artificially-flavored fruit drinks or carbonated beverages.


Simply shake the packet before opening, add to 16 oz. of water, stir, and enjoy

Prosper Trial Packs

Screen Shot 2021-06-01 at 8.57.21 PM.png


Prosper prebiotic, probiotic, and digestive enzymes are in spore form to increase the probability they will arrive in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, where they can work their magic. Our amazing direct-to-mouth delivery method means you simply place the powder on your tongue, savor the flavor, and swallow!*

Physical, EmotIonal & Mental wellbeing

We reside in a time where we are bombarded by EMF frequencies almost everywhere, effecting our Mind, Body, Sleep and Overall well being. The Patented OmniQard® made of 100% Bio Friendly Materials is the revolutionary product engineered by a diverse team of individuals in the medical field, medical cellular research field and biology, to address this larger issues of our current day with the increased use of computers, mobile phones, 5g technology and high frequency Wi-Fi.


Being constantly surrounded by these high frequency electromagnetic fields with up to 30 to 300 Gigahertz, and at least 30.000 Watts of power is like literally living in a microwave oven.

To combat the harmful effects of these modern day EMF's, I have partnered with OmniQard  to bring tis technology to the market in order to specifically reduce the negative effects of so-called EMF emitters and structure water within the body.


This card stabilizes ones natural water-cluster structure within their body’s fluids to harmonize them to a natural bio rhythm. This strucutred Inter-cellular water is an important buffer for it protects body-cells against incoming electromagnetic fields which the Card brings out in the holders. The OmniQard® strengthens and restores this body’s inherent ability to reduce the negative effects of  EMF radiation by up to 95% by restructuring the water molecules within the cells, to bring more harmony and coherence to your being.


This solid state of quantum resonance device acts like a tuning fork for the water in your body. In addition, the OmniQards have been demonstrated to transform possibly harmful radiation (Bluetooth, 3G, 4G & 5G) into harmonious, bio-harmonic frequencies and energy for the benefit of our physical, emotional / mental wellbeing.

Why is structureD water important?

“Structured water” is the term when the water molecules are lined-up in a harmonic and organized manner also referred to as hexagonal or honeycomb shape. Structured water can more effectively enter cells, hydrate and aid in cellular detoxification because it has a much higher energy potential than regular water.

Our cells need structured water, creating the essential negative charge within healthy cells to function properly and it is generated by using the bodies internal energy from regular H2O that we consume.


Increasing environmental stressors like EMF radiation impact the water molecules, thus requiring the body to use additional energy to form this honeycomb structure. The proprietary Quantum Resonance Technology within the OmniQard® acts like an “antenna” and supports the process that creates harmonic, structured water within the cells. This leads to “freed up” energy within the body that the immune system in return can use to reduce pain, increase mental clarity and improve sleep.